EC – Exodus Community Member
SD – Social Distancing
CDP – COVID19 Delivery Person
CDK – COVID19 Decontamination Kit
UPTP – Universal Precautions Training Program
SQPE – Self Quarantine Possibly Exposed
SQK – Self Quarantine Kit
ECC – Exodus Community Coordinator
SQE – Self Quarantine Exposed
CMP – Certified Medical Professional
IAH – Infected At Home Care
ECCMB – Exodus Community Coordinator Medical Background
EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
IECM – Infected E
CTT – COVID19 Certified Transportation Team

Infected At Home Care & Transported

Category 4 Infected At Home Care (IAH)

(See 1, 2, 3)

If the EC has been infected, is experiencing symptoms, and has been instructed by their GP to stay home until further notice (for a myriad of reason including the fact that the hospital may not have bed), the EC will need specialized medical training on what to look out for, how to take care of their symptoms, and how to know when they will need advanced care/hospitalization. 

EC Coordinators with a medical background (ECCMBC)  will be assigned to check in at pre-determined times to visually monitor the EC IAH and look out for certain red flags (we will need to learn what these are and how to respond – we need medical training for this).

ECCMBC will determine when the EC member needs hospitalization and coordinate with EMT or COVID19 Transportation Transportation Team (CTT)  to pre-arranged hospitals or medical facilities for Category 5.

NEEDS: see needs for 1,2,3.  Volunteer ECMBCs to monitor the SQIAH/report to GP.

Category 5 Infected Transportation to Hospital (IECM)

(See 4)

If the criteria has been met to transfer the Infected EC Member (IECM) to a pre-determined health care facility, arrangements will  be made to a) contact the transportation team and b) make arrangements for the team to contact the IECM to transfer them to said facility.

The Transport Team (CTT) will contact the IECM at a pre-determined time to make arrangements for transfer.   Transport Team will need to be certified medical professionals either EMT’s or Fire Department with specific training on working with protective gear.

NEEDS: Volunteer ECMBC’s, TT.  Member GP info including hospital/health center established for care.

Follow Up on EC Members

EC Medical Coordinators who have been assigned an EC Member will be responsible to follow up with all aspects of Category 5

Exodus Community: a Social Distancing, Training & Support Network in the era of COVID19.

March 2020

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